Everyone Loves an Underdog

Why do we cheer for the underdog? Underdog stories about people tend to be relatable. The underdogs come across as genuine and unpretentious; they succeed with hard work and dedication. They inspire us and give us hope. And underdog stories make great movies! I never get tired of cheering for the small-town Indiana basketball team that wins the state championship in Hoosiers, and I still get chills when Rudy finally gets to play in a Notre Dame football game.

For me, rooting for the underdog also extends to animals. Before Slaw came into my life, I had no knowledge about pit bulls or their unwarranted reputation. The more I learn about discriminatory laws and policies and read sensationalized media stories that demonize pit bulls, the more I want to advocate for them. I’ve always considered them the underdogs of the dogs!

Since my time at Best Friends, I have discovered another underdog – the seniors. At Best Friends, many of the “mature” dogs have their own area called Old Friends. A few of these dogs have been here most of their lives, while others were in homes for many years. Some of these dogs are blind or have difficulty walking, while others are perfectly healthy. Each dog has their own unique story and individual personality, but I have fallen in love with every single one. I am inspired and hopeful – I want to find them all homes!

Older dogs have their advantages. Many of them already have some training and house manners, it’s easy to determine their temperament, and they often need less activity and exercise – they’re just looking for a good couch companion! Life is valuable at any age, and these dogs deserve families and homes to live in during their final years.

These are a few of the wonderful dogs at Old Friends who stole my heart.

Best Friends currently has many beagles rescued from a research laboratory. Eli is a sweet, older guy who reminds me of my first dog, Sadie.

Drummer is 11 years old and partially blind, but still enjoys play time in the park and leisurely strolls.

Marnie is a sweet and mellow 10-year old. She is partially blind, but her health is good. She’s great with kids and other dogs, so she hangs out outside of a kennel and is a part of the official Old Friends welcome wagon!

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